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Birds. Of The Feathered Variety

*Blows cobwebs away from page*

Hello, we’re back!

We’ve recently discovered the Walthamstow Wetlands , And I’ve been doing some wildlife photography…and now realise my old Sigma 150-500 1:5-6.3 DG APO HSM lens, is, well, a bit not-so-good at the long end. Also, the autofocus is slow and not reliable.

But, it will have to do for now, as I don’t have a spare thousand quid for the nikon 200-500 f/5.6. Yet.
Anyway, the photos are here for your perusal. If you want.

Corrections, proper IDs very welcome.

Walthamstow Wetlands Gallery

Sir Richard is in the house!

Hmm, it’s time to catch up on the PhotoBlog again. (Well, probably!).

I shall over the course of the next few days try to backdate all the posts I should have done in the last, err, 6 months.

Eek, has it really been that long?

Slap my wrist for being indolent.

Anyway, to start back off, here’s that icon of britishness, Sir Richard Branson completing the London Marathon yesterday.

In Butterfly wings.

The man’s a loony.

But then again all the best people are…


A nice little light show..

Speed of Light @ The Bargehouse, Oxo Tower.

…even if it is like the black hole of Calcutta in some of those rooms, making focussing rather challenging when you:

a) can’t see what you’re trying to focus on, and

b) can’t actually see the camera to focus it.

So it’s guess and hope time.

About 20 times before I actually managed to get something vaguely acceptable, but there’s persistence for you.

(And incompetence, but you knew that already, didn’t you?)

And thanks to Keith for the head’s-up on this one, would have missed it otherwise…(as usual!)

A Fistful of Rollers!

Oh, it’s time for the biggie in the UK Roller Derby worls, the arrival of the Texas Hustlers, come over here to train, teach and generally kick some butt at the London Rollergirls.

Here’s a nice, subtle image of the lovely Danger Joyce displaying the Auld Reekie motto 😉

Held at the ExCel centre in Docklands, typically on a day when those lovely, people at TfL (/sarcasm mode) decide to close the DLR.

Still, a fab evening out, even if my back did hurt after lugging all that camera kit about with me. Not helped by missing the train by 5 minutes at Euston and having to wait an hour for the next, consequently crawling in at quarter to one.

Oh well…

Oh, I do love rail replacement buses…

And here’s oneof the action, too. Aren’t i good to you?

Paddy’s day!

Oh come on, what do you expect for the St. Patrick’s Day parade, yellow Ferraris?

(It has to be green for Paddy’s day, unless it’s Guinness, than it’s black, of course)

The Oirish certainly know how to party, a fact which makes this one of the more fun events in London.

Even if Asgeir and I became unintentional paparazzi by following the parade and somehow ending up in the middle of it 😉

First Signs Of Spring

…barely, anyway.

Spring is rather reluctant to come this year, what with it being cold and wet all winter, nothing wants to seem to make the effort to bud.

But then again, I didn’t want to make the effort to get out of bed, so i don’t see why the plants should either.

Still, on my first trip to the wonderful Kew Gardens this year, at least there was some colour to look at…unlike last year when we went for free on new Year’s Day and it was BLOODY FREEZING

Down and Out.

Fox Sake getting rather abruptly shoved off course by Stefanie Mainey @ London RollerGirls Closed-Door bout – SuffraJets vs SteamRollers.

Wierd atmosphere, the closed door bout, and one I found difficult to really get into.

Still, they’re all lovely…

Crossing The Mountains

Chinese New Year Celebrations.

Lion dancing with a twist. Or a pole, in this case.

Very impressive gentlemen, very impressive…

Gong Hei Fard Choy!

Flash On Flesh

The Shabby Seaside Town Appreciation Society goes to Margate, home of grot and grime unlimited.

A collection of wierdos with cameras photographers with the aim to go to really sh**e coastal towns and take pictures of them rotting away.

In winter.

As you do.

This one says it all about the town’s undoubted class! 😉

And as we stood outside one of the few open shops with cameras in hand, people kept coming round the corner, seeing us with photo equipment in hand, and abruptly turning tail.

So what were we missing, I wonder..Hmmm…

Foot Fetish…

Miss E. Fit’s Aquarium footwear @ the London RollerGirls – Club Tropicarnage!

Suffra Jets vs Ultraviolent femmes.

And yes, I did take pictures of the Roller Derby action, too.

But I thought all you pervs would prefer this one instead!