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Going Walkabout…

…which, rather regretfully for males of my certain age *cough*, did not involve a naked Jenny Agutter.

Back to the point. A little trip to Ely, to do a bit more of the ongoing ‘”let’s-take-photos-in-as-many-cathedrals-as-possible” project.

You might think this preoccupation a little strange for an ardent athiest. Think away. Done? Right then. I might not be approving of the purpose for which the things are built, but I can very much appreciate the craftsmanship and architecture splendour they inevitably contain. They are magnificent buildings, after all, and packed full of history, art, style and things of interest, not to mention stories galore.

So, the latest addition to the ‘done’ list was Ely. And what a place it is. A lovely little town, and a truely magnificent cathedral. Here’s a view of the unique Octagon ‘Lantern Tower’:

Lantern Tower

Ely Cathedral's Unique Octagon Lantern Tower

This was constructed in 14th Century, and replaced the old central tower which collapsed – although thankfully no-one was injured when it did so.
The Lantern is 23 m (74 ft) wide and is 52 m (170 ft) high. From the floor to central roof boss ‘The Lantern’ is 43 m (142 ft) high. And looks it from underneath , I must say. (Click on Image to see it bigger on Flickr)

There is a fantastic roof as well, which you can see in this end-to-end panorama (Yes, it’s flawed – I’ll correct it when I get time -Click on Image to see it bigger).

Ely Cathedral Roof

Ely Cathedral Roof

And there’s the fascinating David Wynne sculpture too, titled “Mary Magdalene Recognises Jesus”

Mary Magdalene Recognises Jesus by David Wynne

David Wynne's "Mary Magdalene Recognises Jesus"

I was rather pleased with this one 😉

And, after all this, I also managed to stick to the ‘no-chocolate, crisps or junk food’ diet which I’m going to need for a long while to come.

Go me!

Oh, and I forgot…

…There’s a new email address to go with all this shiny new-ness, too:


(You know what to do with the -AT- and -DOT- I hope)

I like email (subtle hint)

A New Home For Abstracted Reality…

A new home! Hurrah!

A new domain! Hurrah!

Some content…err, not yet. But all the old stuff should be there. Somewhere. Honest! Unless, of course, I’ve made a pig’s ear of setting up WordPress, which is quite likely 😉

Thingies™ will be added soon to Really, I will…