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Globular Reality

Whoops, apparantly I’m living in a time warp that prevents me from doing things like writing this blog even vaguely on time. Not that I think anyone actually reads it, but still. Comment if you do. Comment if you don’t. I shall be impressed by the latter, since you aren’t here, are you?

Oh well, enough if the petty impossibilities and on with the point. That there’s the Globe Theatre on the South Bank. Home of Shakespearian doings, and apparantly a faithful reproduction of the Elizabethan original. It’s very impressive regardless of that, though.

Especially when they let you in for free to mark the anniversary of the Bard’s birthday. I wondered what the queue was for! Watched pole and sword fighting demonstrations inside – and got to handle a rather large broadsword, surprisingly light considering the large hunk of metal that it was. Shame they wouldn’t let me brain a couple of sniveling adolescents with it, but you can’t have everything. And it would have stained the carpet something rotten, I suppose.

It’s wood, wood, and more wood in there. A refreshing change from the modern concrete and glass lumps that seem to populate the capital’s domain these days. And wood smells good, too. (Unless it’s burning , of course, and we don’t want that, do we?)

It’s a great view from the top, too. (Unless you have vertigo, then I don’t recommend looking down or sitting near the front – it’s not good manners to be sick all over the punters in the arena!)
I love the wooden corridors, narrow walkways and creaky staircases.

And if you’re wondering why they’re all in Black and white, it’s because it looks more artistic, don’t you think? Oh, all right then, the colour inside was a bit odd, and I failed magnificently to set the white balance outside properly, so had to monochrome it.
Not that I hadn’t intended to do so all along, of course *cough*

Best bit of the day? watching a kid lean over the top balcony with a large ice creme in hand. And then watching it fall down and down to the floor.

Shame it missed the gentleman in full Elizabethan regalia by scant inches!