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A nice little light show..

Speed of Light @ The Bargehouse, Oxo Tower.

…even if it is like the black hole of Calcutta in some of those rooms, making focussing rather challenging when you:

a) can’t see what you’re trying to focus on, and

b) can’t actually see the camera to focus it.

So it’s guess and hope time.

About 20 times before I actually managed to get something vaguely acceptable, but there’s persistence for you.

(And incompetence, but you knew that already, didn’t you?)

And thanks to Keith for the head’s-up on this one, would have missed it otherwise…(as usual!)

Arse, And More Arse

My thoughts quite literally at the moment, as you can see. Although as this is a piece of marble sculpture, and therefore fine art
[ You may be able to see what little cultural leanings I have are not very well developed, can’t you? 😉 ], means that it’s perfectly acceptable.


Anyway, after the Week From Hell++™, when the file server at work decided to commit the silicon equivalent of seppuko – right at a critical time, as is the wont of these things to do so – and a certain company (who shall remain nameless but have a 2 letter moniker that comes before IBM in the dictionary) – who did not seem to be particularly bothered at our plight, despite being given lots of money, I needed a bit of a break. Really needed a break, in fact.
And hugs, but I didn’t get any of those as usual.

(*wails pitifully in background*)

With all that sort of ‘nasty things’ going on, the camera hadn’t seem the light of day all week (like me!), and as it was too late to organize a Flickr meet, I crawled out of bed at an obscene time in the morning on a Saturday to go the the lovely and relaxing Kew Gardens.
(Which, up until about 10:30 I seemed to have to myself, which was nice. If bloody cold!)

To harass peacocks in full regalia

and after about 11am, watch screaming brats trying to do much the same, except with more face-down-in-the-mud amusement for me, regretfully not caught on camera as I was laughing loudly behind a handy tree in case dear Tarquin’s parents took offence. Yes, I’m an mean and evil bastard, next question please…

And to go look at the Rhizotron, an interesting metal structure you can climb up and look out over the vistas of Kew, unimpeded by tree leaves for they have all fallen off by now.

Not good for the scared-of-heights crew if, as it was then, a tad windy.

And bonus of the day, a house which I didn’t even realise existed, the Evolution house which has a nice waterfall, perfect for those long exposure shots you do of water.

Even if the Gorilla Pod did get a few remarks when I attached it to a notice.

It’s all in the name of art, I tell you.


Oh Arse, then!


Another day, another bit of art…it’s a hard life to keep up with all this culture you know…

Still this one was the first piece of art that I’ve had to queue for half an hour to get wellies for!

And was it worth it?

Well, it’s quite fascinating, but very small, only a couple of small rooms but it does have quite an atmosphere to it…and it’s very blue, to boot.

Umpteen liters of Copper sulphate and a small flat.

I wonder what Michelangelo would have thought?

And as a bonus, here’s a nice lady dressed as a lobster

(In Trafalger Square, for save the Children. Yes, I wondered too…)