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The Macro World

A rather nice little trip with the London Flickr Meetups mob to the lovely Kew Gardens was yesterday’s little outing, for a bit of macro mayhem.

I like Kew, and normally organise a trip there in the summer. ‘Organise’ very much in inverted commas, for this usually consists of ‘turn up at 11am, wander around until 5pm when we’re going to the pub’. I prefer informal, me 😉

It doesn’t seem -quite- the same without the Henry Moore Sculptures from a few years back (see Here, and Here, but I still enjoy a wander in the beautifully kept gardens, exploring the flowers and wildlife.

And in this case, the butterflies. There’s some info about it Here if you’d like to go too. The live ones are at the east end of the Prince of Wales conservatory. And some sculptures too.
Like this one:

A Bug. With Water Lillies

A Bug. With Water Lillies

For once, I was organised and came equipped with my lovely little Nikon 60mm Macro lens. Which, for once, I magaed to put to good use, and got some half-way respectable macros of the butterflies, in very-very-very close up (‘macro’ to you photo-y type people) mode. And a few other things, too.

You can go view them on Flickr Here.

And there’s a few bonus butterfly shots Here, as well.

Nice to see some new faces (Andrew – I was DEAD impressed with the Technica!), as well as the usual suspects.

Oh, and did I mention the new toy?

Nikon 16-35 f/4 *grins in a ‘now-I’m-borassic-but-happy’ way*
It does this sort of thing:

Temperate House

Temperate House. In Wiiiiiiddddddeeee view


Another LFM outing organised by the lovely Ghene, which resulted in a lot of swearing due to the Dragonflies not sitting still, and purple fingers due to the amount of Blackberries stuffed along the way.

And chocolate mouse too!

What more do you want? 😉

More Here


Blackheath Kite Festival, London

I even got a bit suburnt!
Full Set Here

Raw. And All-Night too!

Fire Eater, Paris.

Taken on the LFM Paris All-nighter.
Full set HERE

More Rollergirls!

Two lots of them, in fact, as ahead of the Championship Final (Suffra Jets 97 – 73 Steam Rollers, well played both teams!), we also had the bonus of the Ultraviolent Femmes taking on our German visitors, the Barockcity Rollerderby, who got rather hammered by the much more experienced team (171 -15), but fought gamely and certainly didn’t disgrace themselves – Look forward to seeing them back, stronger and hungrier next time.
Mucho credits to all the ladies, and all at the LRG for putting on quite a show. I was privileged to be an official photographer this time, and although not on top form with the camera, still enjoyed it hugely.

you can see the pics on Flickr Here

And some more lesser ones on Facebook Here, and Here too.

Enjoy. I did. (Until I had to heft all that crap back home, of course. And my little S51 compact camera is also missing, so if anyone finds it there’s beer money available for it’s return. Ta)

Light & Magic

A little story for you all – it’s on the Flickr page (just click on the photo), I’m not retyping all that drivel here.

And yes, I will backdate some updates soon, with pictures.
And Talking of Pictures, here’s the rest from Bexhill

Are you all still there? And Breathing?
No? Ah bugger it 😉

Barnes Again…

A visit to the London Wetland Centre at Barnes with the Flickr group. Last year’s visit proved rather good (except, of course the foul thunderstorm in the afternoon!), so man-with-camera-extraordinaire Phill Price organised us to go again, ably joined by the Wetland centre Flickr group bods, who kept kindly answering the question ‘What’s one of those?’

And as you can see, we all got some rather nice piccies.

A recommended visit!

Oxford. But no Sunset!

A little Flickr meet, this time an awayday in the beautiful city of Oxford. Those lovely people in the Oxford Flickr group were on hand to drag us into every pub in the vicinity show us the sights and guide us on a nice little wander through the dreaming spires.

And a nice little day out it was too. Here’s the obligatory group mug shot, with added sarcastic comments.

Value for money, today!

More here, as ever…

Light Painting. With added irreverance ;)

Another LFM outing, organised by the soon-to-be-married Gaetan Lee, him of the Museums fame, to while away those long and dark winter evenings in the pub getting plastered doing something productive (!) with our cameras.

I take sparklers. 20 or so people turn up. How many have a lighter or matches to light them?

That’s right, not a bugger.


Oh well, it as fun, as you can see by Gaetan playing the Devil (he does it a bit to well, methinks!)

Rest of pics are here, if interested.

You’re not? So what exactly are you doing reading this tripe, in the first place, then? 😉

Winter Warming

Global warming, my ever-expanding a**e.

After the Christmas excesses, a bit of excercise was in order, so on Monday a few hardy souls from the London Flickr Meetup Group headed for Westminster Cathedral for a look-see.

Good job we could get in as it was Bloody Freezing outside…a quick trip to the coffee shop was required as a service was on when we arrived, which I was quite thankful for as it probably prevented frostbite on my chunky mits.

And, as you can see it’s rather good inside, even if it is covered in less-than-attractive scaffolding and the viewing gallery was closed. Hrmph.

And there’s a LFM trip to Kew on New Year’s Day as it’s free entry.

And they actualy expect people to turn up on NYD with momentous hangovers, lack of sleep and in the freezing cold?

Oh well, I’m in, if only I can get there with {insert favourite expletive here} rail replacement buses YET-A-BLOODY-GAIN.

I hate you London Midland…

Now where’s that heater…