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Roller Derby – A Photographer’s Statistics

Some of you know I’m one of the regular photographers at the London RollerGirls Roller Derby league – and this weekend was the Anarchy in the UK tournament, the first WFTDA sanctioned event outside of North America, I thought I’d resurect the blog with a little post about stats…(You may now want to turn away if this sort of thing doesn’t interest you!)

Somebody at Anarchy in the UK asked me how many shots I’d take over the weekend, and as I had no idea off the top of my head, I promised I’d look it up. Several people in the past have asked what percentage of shots get used/deleted, so for any stat freaks out there, here’s the lowdown (Note: this applies to me only, the other photographers will all have different shooting styles and so different stats)

Equipment used :
Nikon D700 DSLR with Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VR, occasionally a Nikon 35mm f/2
Used high speed Sandisk and Transcend 8GB CF cards, one per half bout.

Backup Equipment: (not used) Nikon D300 DSLR with Nikon 24mm, f/2.8 (effective focal length ~36mm)
Mounted on a Manfrotto 776YB monopod with an ancient Manfrotto 210B Ball head
(You may ask “Where’s the 50mm f/1.8?” -well, actually, mine’s a 50mm f/1.4 G and I forgot it!)

I shoot with spot focus and either spot meter or centre-weighted average at ISO 3200 at f/2.8, unless I’m using flash when I put it down to ISO 400 and the apature up to f/5.6 or f/8.

Arrived 11:30am, entered hall 11:50am, left approx 20:15pm Did not attend afterparty due to hurty knee and shitloads of photos to download/backup

Day total: 944 14-bit Nikon NEF image files

Bout 1: London Brawling vs Montreal New Skids on the Block:
407 images (43% of day’s kept images, 34% of all shutter actuations for day)
503 images shot total, 96 deleted in-camera)
– Note that this includes initial warm-up shots, incidentals, etc, so is higher than you might guess
6 posted to Flickr, 170 posted to Facebook

Bout 2: Steel City vs Charm City:
240 images (25% of day’s kept images, 20.3% of all shutter actuations for day)
312 images shot total, 72 deleted in-camera)
6 posted to Flickr, 160 posted to Facebook

Bout 3: Montreal New Skids on the Block vs Steel City:
297 images (31% of day’s kept images, 20.1% of all shutter actuations for day)
367 images shot, 70 deleted in-camera
6 posted to Flickr, 192 posted to Facebook

Day total deleted in-camera : 238 images (20.13%)
Day total shutter actuations for day therefore : 1182

Arrived approx 10:30am, entered hall 10:35am, left around 19:25pm Did not attend afterparty due to painkillers taken for knee, and wanting to get home (which thanks to London Midland hacking their train service off, the scumbags, wasn’t until after 11:30pm)

Day total: 740 images

Bout 4: London Brawling vs Charm City:
283 images (38.24% of day’s kept images, 29.1% of all shutter actuations for day)
372 images shot, 89 deleted in-camera
6 posted to Flickr, 159 posted to Facebook

Bout 5: Charm City vs Montreal New Skids on the Block:
225 images (30.45% of day’s kept images, 23.17% of all shutter actuations for day)
313 images shot, 81 deleted in-camera
6 posted to Flickr, 133 posted to Facebook

Bout 6: London Brawling vs Steel City:
232 images(31.35% of day’s kept images, 23.89% of all shutter actuations for day)
293 images shot, 61 deleted in-camera
6 posted to Flickr, 163 posted to Facebook

Day total deleted in-camera:231 (23,78%)
Day total shutter actuations for day:971

Weekend total:
1684, 469 deleted, total shutter actuations therefore 2153

Of which:
32 (favourite 6 from each bout) were posted to Flickr (1.90% of total kept, 1.48% of total shutter actuations, all posted Monday 11th)
977 Bout photos + 116 other (Refs/NSOs/Announcers/Crowd shots, etc) posted to Facebook in 8 Albums (Most on Monday 11th, the rest mornong of Tuesday 12th)
(64.9% of kept images, 50.76% of all taken)

Data gained from EXIF info on raw images.

For the record, My Nikon D700 has now clocked 50,389 shutter actuations since I first bought it on 18/01/2009, i.e. 814 days, or 2 years, 2 months and 25 days ago. That’s an average of 61.9 images/day!

NB: There’s probably some rather gross inconsistencies, as I’ve knocked this up without checking it properly, so if you see any, please let me know. Feedback is appreciated if you find this useful, feel free to ask questions.

Down and Out.

Fox Sake getting rather abruptly shoved off course by Stefanie Mainey @ London RollerGirls Closed-Door bout – SuffraJets vs SteamRollers.

Wierd atmosphere, the closed door bout, and one I found difficult to really get into.

Still, they’re all lovely…

Foot Fetish…

Miss E. Fit’s Aquarium footwear @ the London RollerGirls – Club Tropicarnage!

Suffra Jets vs Ultraviolent femmes.

And yes, I did take pictures of the Roller Derby action, too.

But I thought all you pervs would prefer this one instead!

Kiss My Aarg!

Roll Britannia – Europe’s first Roller Derby knockout tournament!
Organised by the lovely London Roller Girls, it saw a complete weekend’s Roller Derby action with Teams from all over. Auld Reekie and Central City Shown battling it out here on the first day.
I was provilaged to cover the weekend as anofficial photographer, and even though it was incredibly intense and hard work, it was also great fun…roll on next year!

Full set Here

(And there’s a complete set of court 1 from both days on my Facebook profile if you’re a facebooker and logged in)

Double Trouble

Another fab night of Roller Derby Action – Double Trouble @ The London Roller Girls

Full set is HERE

More Rollergirls!

Two lots of them, in fact, as ahead of the Championship Final (Suffra Jets 97 – 73 Steam Rollers, well played both teams!), we also had the bonus of the Ultraviolent Femmes taking on our German visitors, the Barockcity Rollerderby, who got rather hammered by the much more experienced team (171 -15), but fought gamely and certainly didn’t disgrace themselves – Look forward to seeing them back, stronger and hungrier next time.
Mucho credits to all the ladies, and all at the LRG for putting on quite a show. I was privileged to be an official photographer this time, and although not on top form with the camera, still enjoyed it hugely.

you can see the pics on Flickr Here

And some more lesser ones on Facebook Here, and Here too.

Enjoy. I did. (Until I had to heft all that crap back home, of course. And my little S51 compact camera is also missing, so if anyone finds it there’s beer money available for it’s return. Ta)

Elbows. Tut, tut ;)

Another visit to the delectable London Rollergirls in sunny (!) Tottenham, and time to test out the Lovely D700 in hgh ISO mode. And time for the lovely but damned heavy 70-200VR to make it’s debut.

I think it did rather well, don’t you?

(Oi! Quiet at the back, stop laughing!)

See the pics here.

Another fine evening out.

And look at those elbows being used. Naughty, naughty 😉