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Shortly To Come…

…is the travelogue from my little trip to Rome and Florence (With an excursion to Siena, San Gimignano and Pisa).

And, as the photos are *still* not sorted, here’s some stats before the pictures are organised:

2,140 Photos taken
Several hundred near misses on road crossings,
Bloody Miles walked,
12 Flavours of ice-cream tried,
9 Fountains visited,
8 Nights stayed,
6 Bottles of wine (shared, I might add, I’m not *that* much of a piss head!)
5 Peronis quaffed (I still don’t like lager much, but coke was too bloody dear)
5 Cathedrals visited,
4 Litres of alcohol bought in duty-free,
3 Towers climbed (stairs!)
2 Domes ascended (and descended, obviously)
2 flights (Heathrow T5< ->Rome),
2 Train trips (Rome< ->Florence),
2 Taxis taken,
2 Two hour waits in queues,
2 Hotels stayed in,
1 Limo ride (from Rome airport),
1 Coach trip (see above),
1 Lunch on a working farm,
1 Severe rain storm

and finally,
1 (If very knackered) Happy bunny.

Italy. It’s wonderful.

Impromptu Holidays…


and even better holdays you weren’t expecting. I thought I’d use the week to go for a few day trips, relax a bit, and generally do sod all, but instead got talked into a very last minute holiday to Hastings instead. And I mean last minute – book one day, got the next.

A lovely week out, including the air show at Eastbourne.

Here’s a nice panoramic view of Hastings old town from the East Cliff, where all the good pubs and live music is. (The town, that is, not the cliff)

Sampled a few, needless to say 😉

Easter Break

It’s Easter! And for those of us who don’t have religious devotions to attend to, this means a holiday! (And, of course, hollow chocolate things which disappear down the gullet with alarming rapidity, further expanding the waistline).

So where to go? Oh the Isle of Wight looks nice, let’s sod off down the motorway in the car to see some of the sights. And what happens? As is traditional, it rains.

Fortunately only on the Saturday morning, though, it was OK on the Sunday and rather nice on Bank Holiday Monday. As you can see from the piccy.

Shanklin beach. Sandy. Sunny. Quiet…

…and the water was bloody freezing!