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Cathedral Hopping

All right, so I’m a sad git who’s got nothing better to do than wander off on day trips to take photos of large ornate buildings that I don’t even believe in the general purpose of.

But whatever your thoughts on the church are (THE church? Sorry, I should say ‘religion in general’ and not be denominationist!), you can’t deny they are magnificent structures with fascinating things in and on them, and are always beautifully decorated. Like Chichester, here, with a detailed little bronze in front of the rather spectacular Chagal window.

(Mildly embarrassing admission: I forgot to take note of the sculpture’s artist, so please correct this so that he/she can be properly credited, ta!)

And there’s a nice garden round the back (The Bishop’s Garden), where you can get a nice leafy view of the spire. Unfortunately you can’t get up it, though, unlike Salisbury, which is a pity, but still.

And the Roman stuff at Fishbourne is rather good, too.

So where next?*

*Obviously not Winchester, Canterbury, Bristol, Clifton, Either Liverpool, Rochester, St. Albans, Southwark, Westminster, St.Paul’s, York, Either Norwich or Portsmouth. Trips to Chelmsford, St. Edmundsbury and Lincoln are in planning (as Lincoln’s a nice city, and deserves a weekend, I think!), and Durham won’t let you take pictures and is a way away for a day trip – like Truro. And will be going to Paris soon….

Your suggestions, then?
(Preferably ones that do not have the word ‘Off’ in them, please)