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Seeing Stars…

Ah, the yearly phonomenon that is the Perseid meteor shower. Been meaning to watch for years, never got round to it. Until last Thurday, that is.
And, I thought, I’ll get the tripod out and get some wonderful shots of the passing fireballs. it’s a clear and near-moonless night, no rain and not too cold. Ideal!

Har Har.

In over an hour, I got precicely ONE on camera. And quite a few aircraft going in and out of Luton Airport.

Here’s the Single one caught on camera. It’s the white blob on the left. Not very impressive, is it?

Meteor FAIL

Meteor FAIL

I gave up just before midnight due to excessive yawning.

Oh well. At least I got to use the interval timer on the camera for the first time, and was therefore able to build a small movie of the resultant failing camerawork.

here it is in rather crap YouTube quality. The single one is at about 24 second mark. If you watch the plough (just above and right of the tree) closely, you can see the star rotation in the sky. Yes, you can, just squint harder…

Bah! And bah! again.

Oh, and I forgot…

…There’s a new email address to go with all this shiny new-ness, too:


(You know what to do with the -AT- and -DOT- I hope)

I like email (subtle hint)

Sir Richard is in the house!

Hmm, it’s time to catch up on the PhotoBlog again. (Well, probably!).

I shall over the course of the next few days try to backdate all the posts I should have done in the last, err, 6 months.

Eek, has it really been that long?

Slap my wrist for being indolent.

Anyway, to start back off, here’s that icon of britishness, Sir Richard Branson completing the London Marathon yesterday.

In Butterfly wings.

The man’s a loony.

But then again all the best people are…