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Birds. Of The Feathered Variety

*Blows cobwebs away from page*

Hello, we’re back!

We’ve recently discovered the Walthamstow Wetlands , And I’ve been doing some wildlife photography…and now realise my old Sigma 150-500 1:5-6.3 DG APO HSM lens, is, well, a bit not-so-good at the long end. Also, the autofocus is slow and not reliable.

But, it will have to do for now, as I don’t have a spare thousand quid for the nikon 200-500 f/5.6. Yet.
Anyway, the photos are here for your perusal. If you want.

Corrections, proper IDs very welcome.

Walthamstow Wetlands Gallery

Elbows. Tut, tut ;)

Another visit to the delectable London Rollergirls in sunny (!) Tottenham, and time to test out the Lovely D700 in hgh ISO mode. And time for the lovely but damned heavy 70-200VR to make it’s debut.

I think it did rather well, don’t you?

(Oi! Quiet at the back, stop laughing!)

See the pics here.

Another fine evening out.

And look at those elbows being used. Naughty, naughty 😉

March Mayhem

Saturday was a day of rain, long bus rides and aching feet. And to and from Tottenham to boot. But this was a surprisingly good thing, as I had a great time at the Riots of Spring – The delectable London Rollergirls taking on their firebreathing counterparts from the Glasgow Rollergirls in Roller Derby action. First Interleague bout, so I’m told.

If you’ve never seen this before (and I certainly hadn’t), you should go along to the next bout and join in the fun. You can sit right by the track – and run the risk of being adorned with a RollerGirl in your lap. It’s a privilege, apparantly, as are the bruises you gain and teeth you loose in the process. But look on the bright side, you’ll get a view you’ll never forget 🙂

And there were more sights than to see too! Who could resist being sold cakes by a vendoress like the one on the right? (I certainly couldn’t, so sod the diet!). Beer (although no bitter, to my consternation), music, and a raffle all came as part of the show. And a post-game piss up which I was unfortunately unable to attend.

There were masses of points scored by London (Although to be fair it was Glasgow’s first competitive bout, so due credit for effort), a fair amount of spills – none causing serious injury this time (except Jaci Dodger from Glasgow who was skating with a dislocated shoulder all evening, having sustained that in the opening minutes – a truly hardcore performance. I’ve had one of those, and it bloody hurts)

All in all, a good evening’s entertainment.
Final score: London Brawling 163, Irn Bruisers 31. Home win!

Next bout has a tentative date of June 7th, why not go along and support your local Dames on skates.

Just remember to duck if you’re at the front.

One more pic from me Here. And 4 more from Mark A Here too. Go take a look.