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With Pride

Gay Pride. London, July 2009

I was SO dissapointed when it was pointed out it was a wig!


Full set Here

Taking You Taking Me…

London Naked Bike Ride 2009 – To protest about Oil Dependency. See Here for Details.

Full set Here

And well done to all those brave enough to get their kit off for it.

I wasn’t. Again.

Double Trouble

Another fab night of Roller Derby Action – Double Trouble @ The London Roller Girls

Full set is HERE

Ghost Bridge

Drift ’08
Ghost Bridge by Keith Bowler. The old Blackfriars railway Bridge, London September 2008.
About the only one that looked really good…the buoy was quite impressive as well, although for some reason I didn’t take a pic of it.
Oh well, there’s always this bunch of loonies who do sand sculptures down Gabrielle’s wharf to go and be amused by…

Globular Reality

Whoops, apparantly I’m living in a time warp that prevents me from doing things like writing this blog even vaguely on time. Not that I think anyone actually reads it, but still. Comment if you do. Comment if you don’t. I shall be impressed by the latter, since you aren’t here, are you?

Oh well, enough if the petty impossibilities and on with the point. That there’s the Globe Theatre on the South Bank. Home of Shakespearian doings, and apparantly a faithful reproduction of the Elizabethan original. It’s very impressive regardless of that, though.

Especially when they let you in for free to mark the anniversary of the Bard’s birthday. I wondered what the queue was for! Watched pole and sword fighting demonstrations inside – and got to handle a rather large broadsword, surprisingly light considering the large hunk of metal that it was. Shame they wouldn’t let me brain a couple of sniveling adolescents with it, but you can’t have everything. And it would have stained the carpet something rotten, I suppose.

It’s wood, wood, and more wood in there. A refreshing change from the modern concrete and glass lumps that seem to populate the capital’s domain these days. And wood smells good, too. (Unless it’s burning , of course, and we don’t want that, do we?)

It’s a great view from the top, too. (Unless you have vertigo, then I don’t recommend looking down or sitting near the front – it’s not good manners to be sick all over the punters in the arena!)
I love the wooden corridors, narrow walkways and creaky staircases.

And if you’re wondering why they’re all in Black and white, it’s because it looks more artistic, don’t you think? Oh, all right then, the colour inside was a bit odd, and I failed magnificently to set the white balance outside properly, so had to monochrome it.
Not that I hadn’t intended to do so all along, of course *cough*

Best bit of the day? watching a kid lean over the top balcony with a large ice creme in hand. And then watching it fall down and down to the floor.

Shame it missed the gentleman in full Elizabethan regalia by scant inches!

Shooting Huge Melons

Well Gaetan did, as well. (See Here, don’t worry it’s SFW)

Two days out this week: More about Sunday’s little wander tomorrow, but Saturday was another of Ghene‘s London Markets Flickr Meetups, this time to the hallowed halls of Borough Market, where a large but friendly Flickr-ites converged to take photos. Mainly of dead rabbits and fish, but each to their own.

As there were quite a number of us, and another photography group (who were naturally accosted and interrogated), there was an awful lot of cameras there.

And a vast amount of mouth-watering items, many of which contained chocolate. Surrounded by salivating camerapersons, usually!

Bad idea, taking money with you to these places. And not good for the diet, especially as a result of two pub stops (and Special thanks to Simon for buying us all nachos for lunch. Much appreciated!)

After lunch – and not a few beers, I might add – (*Hic*), many drunkenly ambled headed in the direction of Southwark Cathedral, right next to the market and an easy stagger from the pub for more picture taking.

I felt sorry for the choir. Out they wandered, not a care in the world (apart, possibly from where the choirmaster might put his hands), to start practice when the amateur paparazzi start taking their impromptu portraits.
Clickclickclickclick. *Flash* clickclickclick
Talk about off-putting!

Still, I’m sure they’d be pleased with efforts like this one taken by Simon, and This one by David.

And this great shot (also by David), taken outside.

Isn’t it nice to see a great example set for us?

You can find the groups efforts Here

Oh, and just to embarass them completely, here’s what some of the prime offenders look like:

Don’t worry, they don’t bite.

Well, not often, anyway.

One of those "Oh Shit!" Moments

Goodge Street, Thursday Lunchtime

I had one of these unpleasant incidents yesterday, when trying to make some under-the-hood changes to a website, and came within a single mouse click of making an even bigger arachnid’s genitalia of it then it already was.
My finger was on the button, and I was just about to commit the changes when the phone rang. When I looked back, a chill came over me and I realised just exactly I was about to do, and some frantic hitting of the ESC key was called for, amidst some language that is not even close to being printable.
Cold sweat city, it were, guv…

I bet that bloke above had much the same thought when the water erupted…

Blue Wicker

Taken during the London Flickr Meet at Kew Gardens. Trying to get another image into the Spring gallery of the Henry Moore exhibition.

Having already got one in the Winter section, thankyouverymuch.

Thanks to the lovely *Rosamundi* for the free pass!

Not-at-all-Gratuitous Plug 🙂
She’s got one in the Autumn Section, which had far more entries. And it’s nice. Really. Go take a look. It’s the Swan. Good, isn’t it?

Photoshopp’ed selective colour to highlight the blues, not that there was much other than gray in the background anyway.

More Here
And in the London Flickr Meetup Pool you’ll find the efforts of the rest of the mob. Go take a look. Now, please.

Stop yawning at the back!


Taken during the London Flickr Meet at Portobello Market, ably organised by Ghene, who keeps us all in line with a large whip 🙂

My feeble attempts at art Here

You’ll find the groups efforts Here. If they remembered to tag them, properly anyway.

Ho hum.

Walking North London

A nice walk through North London today (All right you pedants, a bit of North London, then! I mean it’s obvious you can’t walk all of North London, what do you expect? Sheesh.)

The first time I’d been to Ali Pali in donkey’s years. And a trip to Crouch End and a wander in general. A pleasant Sunday stroll. Sun, nice things to see, and good company.
Good exercise and relaxing.

Now back to work tomorrow 🙁