Race for Life

Yesterday I accompanied the lovely Lesley to the Race for Life. (Only the 5k one, and she was puffing after that!)
And she had to be chivvied along to manage under an hour. By me walking along with her and prodding. There were several brief conversations along the lines of:

“Here, you’re not a lady”…”No, I’m just here for the immoral support!” 😉

Cancer Research UK funds research into many different types of cancer, and as my father died of it, It’s one of the charities I support on a regular basis, so was pleased to go along, and even more pleased to see the vast number of ladies who registered and turned out to raise funds for the cause.

Well done ladies, and thank you all.

Here the walkers are, all lines up at the start. Complete with wigs and silly hats.

All lined up and ready to go

All lined up and ready to go

(Lesley will murder me if I post a picture of her in her pink tutu, so I won’t!)

The diet went to hell yesterday as we went down the pub for lunch, and joined by the also-lovely Anna went to the V&A for tea. With cake (naughty, naughty). And then after some cultural discussions about the exhibits (mainly to do with the, err, mutilated state of the male statues – those of you familliar with the V&A will know what I mean!), we were thrown out at closing time and went and got some tasty but very unhealthy food.

I throughly enjoyed it. And will now have to do pennance on the exercise bike.

Sometime, anyway 😉

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  1. It’s a lie! Without him hindering me I would have finished the course a lot quicker.

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