Night Shooting Cock-ups

Unto The Gloom

Amazing how one moment you think “Yay! Blue skies!” and not a few minutes later when the sun’s just disapeared over the horizon, you’ve met all the other Flickr-ites, got all your gear out, erected tripod and got all set, it then rapidly clouds over and absolutely pisses down.

It wasn’t just the rain (which was bad enough), but very windy too (blowing the less weighty tripods over) and generally unpleasant in your face.
Which is, frankly, a bit of a bugger when you’ve already paid. We retreated to the shelter of the shop for quite a while to dry camera and extremities out.

And then to cap it all, because of all this you forget to turn the VR off on your camera (Canonites – read ‘IS’), and it cocks up virtually all the shots you take.

Not to mention the bods who ignored the patiently waiting and rather sodden peoples with cameras who were to a very-PC-like person staying out of each other’s shots. Grr.

Wet. Heavy bag. Walking boots chaffed feet. Crap images. Only a couple of salvageable ones.

Like this, which was almost unique in being tolerably in focus.

Still kew does look good lit up at night.

I just wish you could order the weather to go with it.
(Cue best Frankie Howerd voice)
And thrice Grrr.

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