Shortly To Come…

…is the travelogue from my little trip to Rome and Florence (With an excursion to Siena, San Gimignano and Pisa).

And, as the photos are *still* not sorted, here’s some stats before the pictures are organised:

2,140 Photos taken
Several hundred near misses on road crossings,
Bloody Miles walked,
12 Flavours of ice-cream tried,
9 Fountains visited,
8 Nights stayed,
6 Bottles of wine (shared, I might add, I’m not *that* much of a piss head!)
5 Peronis quaffed (I still don’t like lager much, but coke was too bloody dear)
5 Cathedrals visited,
4 Litres of alcohol bought in duty-free,
3 Towers climbed (stairs!)
2 Domes ascended (and descended, obviously)
2 flights (Heathrow T5< ->Rome),
2 Train trips (Rome< ->Florence),
2 Taxis taken,
2 Two hour waits in queues,
2 Hotels stayed in,
1 Limo ride (from Rome airport),
1 Coach trip (see above),
1 Lunch on a working farm,
1 Severe rain storm

and finally,
1 (If very knackered) Happy bunny.

Italy. It’s wonderful.

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