It’s Supposed to be Spring!

..not snowing (again). This time last year we were experiencing beautiful sunshine and warm spring days.

This year, we’ve had rain, gloom, more rain and snow. Bah, Not happy. Not happy at all.

Overworked, underpaid, eternally and hopelessly single.

Moan. Gripe. Winge.

Still, at least snow looks nice, even if it does make a complete pig’s ear of transport. Especially if you live out in the hinterlands like me. You Londoners don’t know how lucky you are – night buses (here: what buses?), the tube, things don’t generally completely halt when there’s a slight hint of unseasonal weather, etc, etc.

So what else has happened this week? Well I had two days off work sick (you don’t want to know – it was messy and unpleasant. Enough said of that!).

Took a trip to St. Paul’s Cathedral yesterday and was most annoyed to find out you can’t take photos inside (oh, come on…), and it’s a long climb to the top where you can extract your camera and start clicking away guilt-free.

434 steps in fact to the Golden Gallery oop top…Nice view, wouldn’t you say?

So what other fascinatingly uninteresting items are there this week?

Err…hang on while I think about it…

Ah yes, two things. Firstly that there image on the right made the final 20 of the Henry Moore at Kew showcase, which pleased and surprised me no end.

And even better, the London Flickr-ites has 5 of the final 20!

Two for Boncey (Greedy!), and one each for Jfkglass, *Rosamundi*, and yours truely. Or Untruely, if you prefer.

And for the first time in 16 years I managed to back the winner in the Grand National.

Now there’s a minor miracle…

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