2011 in Summary

So here’s 2011 in Summary:

Photos taken: Something in excess of 22,000

New places visited: Deal, Virginia Water, Groomsbridge Place, Broadstairs, Coventry, Lincoln, Durham, Bradford, Leeds and probably several others I’m forgetting…no abroad trips this year :(

Cathedrals added to visited list: Chelmsford, Guildford, Coventry, Lincoln, Durham, Bradford, Leeds

Twitter lovelies met: Many online, quite a few in the flesh (so to speak), and they are my highlight(s) of the year (You know who you are, stop fishing for compliments!)

Roller Derby bouts attended
: Lots!

Cakes eaten: FAR too many

Dates/Relationships: Absolutely none, as sodding usual.

Heath & wealth: Both shite.

Life summary: Fail.

Here’s to 2012. It had better be better than 2011.

Yes, I am a miserable bastard at times.

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