Shooting Huge Melons

Well Gaetan did, as well. (See Here, don’t worry it’s SFW)

Two days out this week: More about Sunday’s little wander tomorrow, but Saturday was another of Ghene‘s London Markets Flickr Meetups, this time to the hallowed halls of Borough Market, where a large but friendly Flickr-ites converged to take photos. Mainly of dead rabbits and fish, but each to their own.

As there were quite a number of us, and another photography group (who were naturally accosted and interrogated), there was an awful lot of cameras there.

And a vast amount of mouth-watering items, many of which contained chocolate. Surrounded by salivating camerapersons, usually!

Bad idea, taking money with you to these places. And not good for the diet, especially as a result of two pub stops (and Special thanks to Simon for buying us all nachos for lunch. Much appreciated!)

After lunch – and not a few beers, I might add – (*Hic*), many drunkenly ambled headed in the direction of Southwark Cathedral, right next to the market and an easy stagger from the pub for more picture taking.

I felt sorry for the choir. Out they wandered, not a care in the world (apart, possibly from where the choirmaster might put his hands), to start practice when the amateur paparazzi start taking their impromptu portraits.
Clickclickclickclick. *Flash* clickclickclick
Talk about off-putting!

Still, I’m sure they’d be pleased with efforts like this one taken by Simon, and This one by David.

And this great shot (also by David), taken outside.

Isn’t it nice to see a great example set for us?

You can find the groups efforts Here

Oh, and just to embarass them completely, here’s what some of the prime offenders look like:

Don’t worry, they don’t bite.

Well, not often, anyway.

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