Some Enchanted Evening

At Syon park, where they string copious amounts of lights to trees, bushes, and probably anything else that doesn’t move, to create effects like this.
Nice, innit?

Not that it was a warm, pleasant summer’s eve, oh no, you don’t expect that in November…but at least it didn’t rain!

Another FlickrMeet, this time with my rarely-seen tripod, to capture the glows and hues of coloured things that are green by day, but psychadelic rainbow tones by night. I was expecting only a few others, and was pleasantly surprised when quite a few more arrived. And got the hot chocolate in rather quickly! (Thanks Elena – who you can see here with her light ray lover produced by Steven)

All in all a rather interesting evening. Although the Syon people might want to give some thought as to telling people where the shabby-looking alley that masquarades as an entrance is, unless you’ve been there before it’s not exactly obvious, as poor Lisa found out. But she made it in the end, so all was well!

And who can resist the Syon conservatory, which looks pretty good under normal circumstances, going disco?

Now I want to hear you all sing along…
“She’s D desirable, I irresistible…”
(for the over-30’s only, the rest of you will cringe!)

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  1. Gah. More and more, I am cursing my employer’s blocking of flickr. I don’t catch up with my groups nearly as much, since i can’t read them at luch time, so I miss things.


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