A Christmas Quarrel

…Which is rather more interesting than your usual family arguments – yes, it’s the London Roller Girls at it again, the Steam Rollers taking on the Suffra Jets in a tense and fast bout.

Not exactly easy to get good shots of the action – at f1.8 these still had to be shot at 1600ISO and above. And there’s not quite enough range on the nifty fifty to get all round the track. Oh well, just looks like I’ve got to fork out for a 105mm VR macro. But it’s a recession guv, I can’t afford that!
And it only manages f2.8 (“Only”. He says!)

Anyway, a good time was had by all the bods from the London Flickr meetup group, and doubtles we’ll be going again. (That’s CdL Creative’s arm you to can see on the right of the pic above!)

A few rather spectacular spills and leaps, too, lovingly captured in glorious soft blur-o-rama. I need a D3, hint, hint!

I’m just glad I was only taking the photos!

Still, the crowd did get a few of the Rollergirls in their laps…and they had to pay for the privilage, too. Ouch!
(And guess who’s arm is in the picture again…*cough*.

Next bout: February.
I shall be there again if I can.

if only to see the sweet and friendly ladies on the track 😉

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