Who am I? Well, there’s a question for the philosophers…I don’t play bass, I have nothing to do with Care Associations, am not an Elf & Safety officer, have nothing to do with Salford, and don’t manage projects. And I’m not married, or a carpenter either.
That’s all other people. Different people, naturally.

This is me:



(Thanks to the delectable Jane for the pic)

I went to UEA (ENV 1985-1988) and
Birmingham Uni (Computer Science, 1990).
Not that I did any work at either, mind, but still…

You can find me in these places on the web:

Flickr: My Public Photo Albums Are HERE
Below on the badge, you can see some examples of my works. No stealing – they’re All Rights Reserved, every last one. And I watch for their misuse. Oh I watch…
You can see them in a various orders HERE. If you really want too, that is…

Picasa: The Elephant Parade (and Other) pictures are HERE

Imagekind: You can buy prints of a few of my better efforts HERE

Facebook: My Facebook Page is HERE (You’ll have to be logged in or it’ll give an error – and add me as a friend if you want to see all the rubbish!) There’s a few photos there as well. Mainly mug shots of the London Flickr Group, where I’m one of the admins, and the London RollerGirls, where I’m one of the regular photographers (now nicknamed “Helmet Newton”. Yes, I thought it was awful, too). Both lots are lovely. Here’s me with the lovely Dot Slash and Lyla La Tiger at a recent bout. Now you can see why I like going…

Me + Dot + Lyla

Easy to see why i'm grinning, isn't it? 😉

Twitter: Listen (well, read, you know what I mean) to me spout drivel HERE. I’m not Stephen Fry, so don’t get exited.
Here’s some recent whinings, wingings and general verbal diarrhea. I often post the links to my latest pictures here, too.

Contact: steve -AT- abstractedreality -DOT- org

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