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Seeing Stars…

Ah, the yearly phonomenon that is the Perseid meteor shower. Been meaning to watch for years, never got round to it. Until last Thurday, that is.
And, I thought, I’ll get the tripod out and get some wonderful shots of the passing fireballs. it’s a clear and near-moonless night, no rain and not too cold. Ideal!

Har Har.

In over an hour, I got precicely ONE on camera. And quite a few aircraft going in and out of Luton Airport.

Here’s the Single one caught on camera. It’s the white blob on the left. Not very impressive, is it?

Meteor FAIL

Meteor FAIL

I gave up just before midnight due to excessive yawning.

Oh well. At least I got to use the interval timer on the camera for the first time, and was therefore able to build a small movie of the resultant failing camerawork.

here it is in rather crap YouTube quality. The single one is at about 24 second mark. If you watch the plough (just above and right of the tree) closely, you can see the star rotation in the sky. Yes, you can, just squint harder…

Bah! And bah! again.

Oh, I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside…

Today’s little trip out : Bognor Regis with The Shabby Seaside Appreciation Society. In the words of Lesley, “we go to shabby seaside places, take a few photos and then sit around in pubs”

Photos are HERE. Go have a look. There’s only 6, so no ploughing through tons!

I have lots of memories of Bognor, as many years ago we used to have our family holidays just down the road at Pagham. Where there’s no life whatsoever. I was so bored I used to have to go fishing, it was that dull.
Every so often, we’d meander down the road to get to Bognor, where there was some real *sand* on the beach, rather than the severe pebbles of Pagham. Not, frankly that it was much better, but still. So it was interesting to revisit Bognor after so many years – would it be, to quote HM King George V, “Bugger Bognor!”, or an interesting day out?

So here’s what the beach looks like:

The Beach

Bognor Beach

It’s changed a bit. The old tacky and run-down seafront shops have been replaced by up-market flats. The pier’s still crap, and short. Especially after it had 24m hacked off of it a couple of years ago.
And the beach is covered with a damned sight more pebbles than I remember.

So how shabby is it? Actually not very, it’s at least fairly clean and there’s very little grot and grime. Except on the pier, which is noticeably deteriorating…like this:

A bit of, err, rust

Not exactly inspiring you to feel safe on the pier, is it?

But on the positive side, there’s some beach huts (all reasonably well maintained, only a few slightly deteriorating), plenty of space and Fish & Chips (as you do at the seaside, obviously).

Today’s bonuses: A dead seagull in artistic pose, and a wedding couple having their photographs taken on the beach.

And no, we didn’t go to Butlins. As you wouldn’t!