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Oh, I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside…

Today’s little trip out : Bognor Regis with The Shabby Seaside Appreciation Society. In the words of Lesley, “we go to shabby seaside places, take a few photos and then sit around in pubs”

Photos are HERE. Go have a look. There’s only 6, so no ploughing through tons!

I have lots of memories of Bognor, as many years ago we used to have our family holidays just down the road at Pagham. Where there’s no life whatsoever. I was so bored I used to have to go fishing, it was that dull.
Every so often, we’d meander down the road to get to Bognor, where there was some real *sand* on the beach, rather than the severe pebbles of Pagham. Not, frankly that it was much better, but still. So it was interesting to revisit Bognor after so many years – would it be, to quote HM King George V, “Bugger Bognor!”, or an interesting day out?

So here’s what the beach looks like:

The Beach

Bognor Beach

It’s changed a bit. The old tacky and run-down seafront shops have been replaced by up-market flats. The pier’s still crap, and short. Especially after it had 24m hacked off of it a couple of years ago.
And the beach is covered with a damned sight more pebbles than I remember.

So how shabby is it? Actually not very, it’s at least fairly clean and there’s very little grot and grime. Except on the pier, which is noticeably deteriorating…like this:

A bit of, err, rust

Not exactly inspiring you to feel safe on the pier, is it?

But on the positive side, there’s some beach huts (all reasonably well maintained, only a few slightly deteriorating), plenty of space and Fish & Chips (as you do at the seaside, obviously).

Today’s bonuses: A dead seagull in artistic pose, and a wedding couple having their photographs taken on the beach.

And no, we didn’t go to Butlins. As you wouldn’t!